Welcome to Year 2

Year 2 Team:

  • Class 7 Teacher – Mrs Foley
  • Class 8 Teacher – Mrs Holroyd (Year Group Leader)
  • Class 9 Teachers – Miss Tayabji and Mrs Clarke
  • Mrs Watts – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Gorst – Teaching Assistant

Year 2 has three classes with a maximum of 90 children in the year group. The year 2 children have three big topics a year, each covering two terms. The Autumn term topic is called Narnia. The Spring term topic is called Wonderful world. The Summer term topic is changing this academic year and more information will follow. 

We believe in creating exciting and stimulating learning experiences for the children and often start topics with a “wow” day and end with a year group event. We also use drama regularly to engage the children in their learning.

Comments from parents at the end of the year have included:

“I will miss not bringing my daughter to this school. All my girls have made great progress with you. The end of an era.”
“Thank you for all the hard work you have done this year.”
“My son has had a fantastic year in year 2 and come on so well. He loved the Lion King trip.”




Guinea Pig Wow Day


We have been very lucky in Year 2 as we recently got to meet Penelope, Mrs Grigg’s Guinea Pig.  Mrs Grigg visited Classes 7,8 and 9 withPenelope and spoke to us about Guinea Pigs and what is involved in looking after them.  Mrs Grigg told us that she has 16 Guinea Pigs at home!  Yes, you read that right, 16!  We learnt a lot of interesting facts about Guinea Pigs and now know they are originally from South Africa and they are crepuscular which means they are normally most active early in the morning at dawn and then again at dusk.  Mrs Grigg also told us that when Guinea Pigs live together they are called a herd.  She also showed us the food that Guinea Pigs eat and we learnt that they eat lots of hay every day and a mixture of fruit and vegetables.  Although we were only able to see Penelope properly, we did catch sight of Priscilla, Pansy and Pandora peeking out of their cage and we heard a few squeaks too which sounded very cute.  We were all very lucky as we got to stroke Penelope also which we have been looking forward to all week.  Penelope was very well behaved as we stroked her and she felt very soft and fluffy. We were very thankful to Mrs Grigg for taking the time to come and see us all with Penelope and her other piggies.







Year 2 Curriculum Information

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