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Our Information page offers an insight into all areas of our School, including reports and policies.

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Exciting News!

A recent visit from Ofsted.

We remain a good school. Do take some time to read our report.

These are some of the quotes from the report:

"Staff model the schools values and are caring, respectful and friendly."

"Pupils feel safe and secure here. They told me how kind everyone is to each other."

"Pupils are keen to attend because lessons are challenging and interesting."

"It is a calm educational setting. Pupils leave well prepared for their next school."

"The Headteacher's high standards and caring approach are upheld by her staff."

A visit from the Quality Mark and we got our 10 year award.

The Award

The basic skills Quality Mark is an award that celebrates and supports continous improvement in literacy and numeracy. It is awarded to a setting or school to recognise their provision, practice and performance in literacy and numeracy and is valid for three years. A school must demonstrate a whole school approach to improving standards in literacy and numeracy, with evidence of the impact of its approaches. It provides a framework for self-evaluation and continous improvement of the basic skills of all pupils in a school including those who under attain.

We gained our ten year Quality Mark award.

These are some of the things that were said:

“Attainment and progress is good across each phase of learning. It is clear that children in Nursery and reception get off to a good start with a curriculum tailor made for their needs and abilities.”

“Pupil’s progress and attainment are rigorously tracked. Good quality interventions are offered and evaluated against their impact on achievement.”

“The children manage their own behaviour well. During the assessment pupils were observed being gainfully employed, engaged and interested in learning.”

“Wow topic starters are common place across the school as are ‘fabulous’ finishes. Pupils are treated to ‘collapse curriculum’ days, drama starters and increased outdoor curriculum opportunities.”

“Teachers manage classrooms well. Learning walls for English and maths are common practice.”

“The Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher work very well together. They have a clear focus on school improvement and they share a passion to ensure the very best learning experiences for each and every individual pupil.”

A teaching and learning review by the Inspire teaching school alliance.

They found that learning behaviours across the school were good. Children were focused, independent and resilient. There was rigour in work and progress was evident for all ability groups.

They spoke to the school council and this was some of their responses:

“We would recommend our school 100% to any children to come here because it is fun.”

“We love coming to school.”

“We would give our teachers and Headteacher a 10/10.”

“Our teachers give us hard work it is challenging but we know that we can learn from our mistakes.”

Our Values

If you care, respect and share, you enjoy friendship


We want all of our pupils to know our values so that they can uphold them in the best way possible and recite them with a true and meaningful understanding of what they represent.  Our whole school community values are:


New Class Powerpoints

Ofsted Update

Parents and carers can now download our most recent Ofsted report following our Inspection which took place on 25th - 26th February 2020.

Term Dates

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House Points

These are our school houses and the children are awarded house points for a wide range of reasons.  


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