Year 1 Update

We have had a fantastic time learning about Fairytales. We have studied the stories Jack and the Beanstalk, and Beauty and the Beast. The children have enjoyed role playing the stories and making life size models of the Beast and the Giant. We even had the Giant virtually visit the year 1 area – he made such a mess. The children enjoyed investigating whom the culprit was.

We had fun on World Book Day. The children came dressed as their favourite book character. It was a great effort by all.

We have also gone back in time to the Victorian Era. The children came to school in Victorian attire and spent the day in a life of a Victorian child. They used slate and chalk to record arithmetic. They sat in rows in silence and had to stand when the teacher entered the classroom. The children concluded they much prefer school today rather than in the past.

The children excelled in their homework project. They brought in their magnificent castle creations. We enjoyed touring the classrooms peer assessing the castles. The children were encouraged to write positive comments on post-it notes and stick them to their favourite castle. The comments raised many smiles and added to the pride the children had in their work.

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